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MIRS ( Management Information and Reporting Services )

MIRS FEATURES: Management Information and Reporting Services is a web-based product, based on Java Spring MVC Framework and MySQL database. MIRS (Component Diagram) is a product for IT Services companies. It automates the complete workflow of monitoring consultant tasks and provides information for client billing and payroll generation process.

  • For the employee, it helps record his/her task and time spent on a particular task.
  • For the employer, it helps track the time spent by a consultant to accomplish tasks and evaluate their efficiency. It has additional functionalities to assist in billing the client and generation of payroll.

MIRS TECHNICAL SPECS: The product is designed using a multi-tier architecture to enable separation of presentation layer, business logic and application logic. MIRS allows easier deployment and scalability. The key technical components are :
User-Interface Components JSP, CSS, XML, Ajax, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop
Server-Side Components Spring framework, Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Jboss, Ibatis, BIRT

e-IMS ( e-Inventory Management System )

e-IMS FEATURES: e-IMS is a valuable and cost-effective product for medium-sized distribution centers. e-IMS (Component Diagram) helps meet the challenges faced in maintaining the inventory records and making the information available to all the business units - sales, purchasing, accounting and logistics. Some of the key features of e-IMS are listed below:

  • Items in stock and awaited items are displayed in a categorized manner.
  • Prior estimation and alert for "Out of stock" items.
  • Managing consignment inflow and updating the stock.
  • Managing return shipments, dump inventory and updating the stock.
  • Inventory monitoring enabled with Blackberry and handheld devices.

e-IMS TECHNICAL SPECS: e-IMS product is based on a multi-tier architecture. It is developed in two separate versions, based on .NET Framework and Java Framework for smoother integration with different technical environments.

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